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Why Join?

We are NOT your typical fan club! When Russ Haslage and Gene Roddeberry created the International Federation of Trekkers, they intended to make a difference in this world. The USS Unity stands by their commitment for a better world and represent those values in our daily life. You don't have to be a hard core trekker to fit into our group. Because of our mission, we have members who are not even fans of the show!


There are additional benefits to joining the IFT.

  • Members of the International Federation of Trekkers are able to bank with NASA Federal Credit Union.

  • Discount on merchandise on http://www.trekfederation.com and at Starbase Columbus

  • Great away missions! We attend festivals, cons, museums as a crew. Taking our love of Star Trek to places like the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum!

  • Get to know great people with a common goal, to make the community a better place.

  • We are kid friendly! Bring your kids/grandkids! Captain's Assistant Billy Fletcher would love to show them why being a cadet is great fun!

  • In honor of Gene Roddenberry's birthday, memberships are now FREE. If you have been waiting to join, this is the time!

  • Not in Central Ohio? NO PROBLEM! There are chapters of the IFT all over the world! If there are no chapters near you, they will help you create one if you are interested!